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Sale in boutique store: Explore Exclusive Accessories Crafted from Generous Material Donations

At Deuxième Vie, our accessories are crafted from generous material donations, making each piece unique due to limited quantities of colors. This exclusivity ensures that every accessory is one-of-a-kind. The advantage for our customers lies in the ever-renewing collections – visit our store regularly to discover the latest additions to our unique lineup. Embrace the charm of limited edition accessories that showcase sustainability and individuality with every visit

Tailored to Your Style: Customizable Accessories

we offer a personalized touch to our accessories. Some items are available on order only, and the best part is, all accessories are free of charge customizable – you have the freedom to choose your preferred color and material.

You can select from our available samples here or take a trip to our store to explore our extensive collection. Alternatively, bring your own materials, and we'll transform them into unique accessories for you. Your custom creation will be ready for pickup in-store within 1-3 weeks.

Additionally, we offer embroidery services for a supplementary touch to make your accessory truly one-of-a-kind. Elevate your style with personalized accessories that reflect your individuality at 'Deuxième Vie

Express Yourself with Embroidery

we offer a unique way to personalize your items. Utilizing our professional embroidery machine and cutting-edge transcription software, you can have your logo, message, or any other image beautifully embroidered onto your chosen accessory. Transform your items into personalized, meaningful pieces that speak volumes about your individual style. Experience the art of embroidery at Deuxième Vie.

Revive Your Wardrobe with our Touch-Up Services

Don't discard damaged or ill-fitting clothing – bring it to 'Deuxième Vie' for expert touch-ups and repairs. Our skilled artisans specialize in revitalizing your wardrobe by making necessary adjustments and repairs. Whether it's a torn seam, a snug fit, or any other issue, we'll work our magic to restore your clothing to its former glory.

In addition to touch-ups, we also offer bespoke tailoring services for custom clothing. If you have a specific design in mind or want a perfect fit, our team is here to bring your vision to life. Join us in promoting sustainability and extending the life of your clothing through our expert touch-up and custom clothing services at 'Deuxième Vie.

Give Your Furniture a Second Life

Bring us your worn-out chairs, deck chairs, and household items for a stylish makeover. We replace worn canvas with new, durable tarpaulin or fabric, breathing new life into your cherished pieces. Trust 'Deuxième Vie' for quick and expert object and furniture renovations.


Explore Business Collaborations with 'Deuxième Vie'

Serial Orders: Enhance your brand identity with our professional embroidery machine. We can beautifully embroider your logo, message, or any image using our cutting-edge transcription software.

Markets, Festivals, Entertainment: Partner with us for sustainable accessories made from your previous tarpaulin editions, perfect for your e-shop or to equip volunteers. We also offer event participation, where we can set up a stand to discuss our approach, sell products, or host engaging workshops.

Resale/Partnerships: Collaborate with 'Deuxième Vie' to resell our tailor-made and personalized items in your boutique or pop-up store. Add cotton labels with your logo to our products, reinforcing your brand. Consider including a label inside, explaining our sustainable process.

Donations of Materials: Contribute to a responsible approach by donating materials you no longer use. We happily collect items like advertising tarpaulins, flags/oriflames, leather, fur, cashmere, fabrics, and navigation/flight sails. Join us in transforming materials and promoting sustainability.

Rue Cécile-Biéler-Butticaz 5, 1207 Geneva

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