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“Deuxième Vie” is a sewing workshop and boutique eco-responsible founded by Snezana, Genevan and former workshop manager of Créature, workshop in the city of Geneva. It was therefore encouraged to continue this work when it closed by opening in July 2020 the only boutique workshop specializing in the recycling of leather and advertising tarpaulins in Geneva with non-delocalized design and production.

We specialize in mass orders for companies for whom we manufacture accessories and goodies from their old advertising banners or from any material that can be sewn (banners, navigation sails, leather, fur, fabrics, etc.) . We can also provide you with these materials. These accessories make it possible to give a second life to these materials, to avoid polluting by throwing them away, to make the purchase of them profitable and to continue to advertise new materials at no cost. They also allow you to communicate about your approach and your eco-responsible values ​​through goodies that you can offer to your loyal employees and customers, resell on your e-shop or for an event or even use in your business to meet a need. . We count in particular the SIG, the TCS, the Grand Théâtre, the Musée de la Réforme, the Label Suisse and Giff festivals, the city of Geneva and the municipalities of Meyrin, Lancy, Puplinge, Veyrier among our donors of materials and clients.

All our products are sewn by us in our showcase workshop just a stone's throw from the water jet, which ensures quality and full product monitoring. This also gives us complete transparency since you can come and see where and how the products were made, have them repaired if necessary and think about and discuss with us your tailor-made projects and your craziest ideas. To avoid any waste, we undertake to repair (as far as possible) free of charge the accessories that have been manufactured by us.