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Our commitment to sustainability extends to our guarantee and quality policy. Our products are crafted from materials originally intended to be discarded, diverting them from their primary use. Since these materials are pre-used and not manufactured by us, we cannot provide a guarantee for their quality and durability over time. They may display signs of previous use, contributing to the recycled and unique charm of each item without compromising functionality.

Additionally, to uphold our ecological values and assure quality, the Second Life workshop is dedicated to repairing items crafted by us at no charge—for life (within reasonable and practical limits). Embracing the ethos of giving a second life to materials, we extend this philosophy to the products we create.

We appreciate your understanding and benevolence within the framework of a sustainable circular economy. For any repairs, please visit our workshop-boutique at 5 Rue Cécile Biéler.

Thank you for supporting our commitment to environmental responsibility and craftsmanship at 'Deuxième Vie

For any repairs, go to our workshop-boutique 5 rue Cécile Biéler 1207 Geneva +41 76 397 36 88